The Ultimate Summer Battlestation: An Outdoor Gaming Setup

outdoor gaming setup with lake view

The ultimate summer battlestation is my opinion an outdoor gaming setup! What started as too much spare time with my kid, actually ended up being feasible. Here we share our experience and some inspiration for your own setup.

What’s not to like?!

A nature-themed gaming setup with an unbeatable view, plenty of sunlight, real plants that don’t need watering, and increased airflow for your case. That sounds like the ultimate setup!

Add in the sound of birds singing, a light refreshing breeze, the ability to watch the kids play in the garden, and the fun of watching astonished passers-by.

My kid has played the entire day into the evening and had a blast. Compared to a lot of other projects we could’ve wasted our vacation time on, this is a huge success.

Let’s start with a tour

outdoor gaming setup with lake view

We use my kid’s setup as it is cheaper than my own in case something breaks, setting up on an outdoor dining table, which is under a covered terrace with additional sunshade protection above. This means the setup is protected from rain and direct sun. Sunshade protection is necessary to be able to see what’s on the monitor and to sit comfortably in the shade. Of course, we also check the weather forecast, which promises 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degrees Fahrenheit, barely any wind, and no rain.

As you can see, the view from the vacation house is quite nice, adding to the aesthetics of the setup.

outdoor gaming setup controller and cola

Items in the setup

outdoor gaming setup with beautiful RGB

The case is an old discontinued Corsair with RGB fans, but it looks gorgeous outside and provides a contrast to the surrounding nature.

The monitor is an Acer XF270 with an IPS panel and 400 nits max brightness, which is average for a gaming monitor. The brightness could be better as there’s a lot of sunlight, but it is completely viable. Compared to an average gaming laptop, this monitor is much brighter.

The keyboard is an Anne Pro 2, the mouse is an Xtrfy M4 Wireless, the speakers are Creative Pebble, the controller is an Xbox X and the headphones are Logitech G435 Lightspeed. Everything except the speakers is wireless, which is recommended to avoid a lot of cable clutter. If it starts to rain heavily, it is easier to move the things indoors again.

Other small features

Add in some barbecue and it’s suddenly an L-shaped office!

outdoor gaming setup L-shaped with barbecue

Okay, so maybe I should move the barbecue a bit further away because it actually gets screamingly hot, but you get the idea.

It also works in the dark

This is where the RGB really shines, but the mosquito lamp is a must. As you can see, it’s placed behind the PC case to avoid insects flying directly into it. The lamp does the job well. Naturally, insects are attracted by the light from the setup, but not nearly as much as I’d expected, and no worse than gaming indoors at night with an open window.

outdoor gaming setup when it gets dark

The perfect way to enjoy a nice summer evening and if it gets too cold, we have an infrared terrace warmer just behind the chair.

outdoor gaming setup when it gets dark

If you want to try it yourself, this is what I recommend

An outdoor gaming setup can work with some prerequisites. This is what I recommend:

Nice weather

This is of course only possible on warm summer days and evenings. Heavy rain will risk destroying your electronics.

Covered terrace with sun shading

I would not try this without cover from rain and sun. It will break your electronics but also because it’s uncomfortable to sit in direct sun.

Outdoor dining table

Do not try this with low-height lounge furniture. You will break your back and neck.

Power extension cable

You will most likely need an extension power cable with at least 3 slots.

WiFi extender

Placing a WiFi extender strategically will greatly enhance your gaming experience, i.e. treat your outdoor gaming setup as another room you have to extend the signal to.

Mosquito lamp

If you have an open case like us, the mosquito lamp is a must.

Mouse repellant

I also recommend a mouse repellant if you want the setup to stay outside during the night.

Terrace warmer

A terrace warmer is handy during the evenings.

Plastic bag for your case and monitor

We simply use a large shopping bag to wrap the case and the monitor during the night.

A few extra remarks based on my experience

Keep it wireless and simple, so it’s easy to move things indoors if need be. It’s a good idea to move at least your case indoors during the night and if it starts to rain heavily. Our terrace is private and therefore, we don’t have to factor in the risk of theft, but you should consider that too.

Could you do this with a regular gaming laptop or a handheld gaming device? Surely. Is it the same experience? Hardly! In particular, kids may this setup extremely fun.

An outdoor gaming setup is the ultimate summer battlestation, even if it’s as impractical as it’s fun!

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