XL Mousepad Sizes: How Big Is Big?

xl mousepad sizes

XL mousepad sizes can be confusing, because how big is big? Use this tool to visualize popular mousepads relative to your keyboard and mouse along with tips to pick the right size for you.

I will never go back to a regular-sized mousepad for my home setup. An XL mousepad or large desk mat is simply superior to a small one. You can move both your mouse and keyboard freely around your desk, it is a lot more comfortable for your wrists and it protects your table. Moreover, it is the icing on the cake for a great aesthetic desk setup. However, picking the wrong size will be impractical and instead look odd, which is why I have developed this tool in Tableau to help you visualize mousepad sizes of popular mousepads in comparison to a keyboard and mouse.

I really recommend that you read this post on your tablet or PC, as the visualizations are very small on a phone screen.

The categories of mousepad sizes

Let’s start by giving you an overview of the landscape of mousepad sizes. For that purpose, I love a little data analysis. The illustration below plots mousepads by width and depth:

visualizing XL mousepad sizes
Mousepads plotted by width and depth. The marked areas are my designated cluster categories.

This gives us 5 general size categories or clusters if you will. Each has a shaded area in the plot:

  1. XL, e.g. the Logitech Studio Mat, which may only be enough for a small keyboard or perhaps a small laptop.
  2. Shallow XL, e.g. the Corsair MM300 Pro Extended, which is to say enough room for your keyboard and mouse, but not your coffee.
  3. 2XL, e.g. the one I use, Glorious 2XL Extended, which I consider the de facto standard size for a large mousepad. You can check out pictures of my setup to get a feel for its size in a real setting.
  4. 3XL, e.g. the Razer Gigantus V2, which will surely give you enough space to move around, but maybe also be too large for your desk – bye-bye IKEA Linnmon.
  5. 4XL, which only includes the SteelSeries QcK 4XL. This one is huge. You may as well use it as a carpet or maybe if you have a pet that likes sleeping on your desk?

You can forgive my 2-year-old for confusing an XL mousepad for one of the yoga mats he uses in kindergarten :).

Visualizing mousepad sizes

Your mousepad size should be able to accommodate your peripherals, but other than that it comes down to your personal preference. This is where my tool comes in handy. Simply choose your mousepad and the keyboard and mouse that comes closest to your own below and you will be able to visualize how much space you have to move around. Remember to factor in a big cup of coffee or tea :).

The load times of my embedded Tableau viz may be slow. If you don’t see the tool below, try to refresh.

One square corresponds to 100 mm.

Missing a mousepad, keyboard, or mouse? Just contact me and I can add it.

Mousepad size chart

If you are into old-fashioned tables, I’ve included a mousepad size chart below with all the data. Width and depth are in mm. 1 mm corresponds to approximately 0.039 inches.

SteelSeries QcK 3XLMousepad1220590
SteelSeries QcK 4XLMousepad1220762
SteelSeries QcK Edge XLMousepad900300
SteelSeries QcK Heavy 2XLMousepad900400
Razer Gigantus V2 2XLMousepad940410
Razer Gigantus V2 3XLMousepad1200550
Razer Pro Glide 2XLMousepad940410
Razer Strider 2XLMousepad940410
Logitech Desk Mat StudioMousepad700300
Logitech G840 XLMousepad900400
Varmilo Panda Desk Mat XLMousepad900400
Xtrfy GP5 XLMousepad920400
Glorious XL ExtendedMousepad610360
Glorious 2XL ExtendedMousepad910460
Glorious 3XL ExtendedMousepad1220610
HyperX Pulsefire Mat XLMousepad900420
HyperX Pulsefire Mat 2XLMousepad1220610
Asus ROG Scabbard II ExtendedMousepad900400
Asus ROG SheathMousepad900440
Roccat Sense Icon 2XLMousepad900420
X-raypad Aqua Control Plus 2XLMousepad900400
X-raypad Aqua Control Zero 2XLMousepad900400
Corsair MM350 Pro Extended XLMousepad930400
Corsair MM300 Pro ExtendedMousepad930300
Acer Predator 2XLMousepad930450
Logitech MX Keys SKeyboard430131
Razer Huntsman MiniKeyboard293103
Razer Blackwidow V4 ProKeyboard464235
Logitech G915 TKLKeyboard368150
Ducky One 3 FullKeyboard450140
Logitech MX Master 3sMouse5184
Logitech G Pro X SuperlightMouse4063

Other important considerations

When picking out the right mousepad for you, there are of course other factors I would recommend that you consider.

Desk size – duh

Obviously, your desk size will need to support your intended size. Most desks are somewhere between 120-160 cm / 47-63″ wide and 60-80 cm / 23-31″ deep, but make sure you measure yourself and take into account the things you have on your desk, e.g. a monitor stand.

Those edges …

Usually, edges are stitched to prevent your mousepad from unraveling, which will make the edge slightly thicker. It’s important to take into account that you don’t want things to overlap the edges. E.g. placing your monitor stand on the edges, will make the monitor unstable. Also, if you do a lot of handwritten notes or drawings, the edges can be a nuisance. If the edges are in the way, you have two simple options – go for a larger or smaller mousepad size. My personal preference is large, so your mousepad covers as much as possible of your desk surface. You have more space to move your things around and it’s just more comfortable resting your arms on the soft surface of the mousepad rather than the edge of the desk.

Aesthetics are important

A mousepad is a great and inexpensive way to lighten up your setup. As an XL mousepad will be drawing attention due to its size, it’s important that you pick a look that fits into your setup style or it will just look out of place.

Surface and performance is a threshold

No one will question that a bad surface will hinder mouse performance and all brands will swear to their superior technology using fancy words. However, let’s face it – it’s a piece of cloth. I have had mousepads from around 15 different brands, and they all perform well. As long as you buy from an established brand and in cloth material, you’ll be fine.

Cloth, cloth, cloth

Wool, felt, leather, plastic, glass whatever. There are plenty of materials. If you want the best and most comfortable performance, the only thing you should consider is cloth. Period.

Thickness is noticeable

You might easily miss the thickness dimension. Regular-sized mousepads can be very thin. The XL counterparts are usually thicker, which may take some time to get used to. They usually range between 2-4mm, but this is actually quite a noticeable difference. Perhaps try out what feels right for you in a physical store.

Ideas for your next XL mousepad

Whether you’re in for colors and art or a neutral complement, Amazon has a great choice, just remember to check reviews. I have several mousepads and swap them out depending on my mood.

Check Amazon for XL mousepads

Please note that I may get a small commission from links at absolutely no extra cost to you.

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