30 Instagram Sources For New Desk Setup Inspiration and Ideas

instagram account for desk setups for gaming and work

If you’re on the lookout for desk setup inspiration for your workspace or gaming setup, a picture is worth a thousand words. These are the best Instagram sources to inspire and give you new ideas.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes, we don’t know what we’re after until we see it. This is indeed true of desk setups that should give you that aesthetic, where everything just clicks. I’ve written earlier about using a mood board to design your desk setup. The places I list in this article will give you inspiration and ideas to do just that. The best way to tune in on what you like is simply to look at pictures and think “mesa like” – no rocket science involved, just a little Star Wars quotation.

When I look for setup inspiration and ideas, I simply just want a great picture of the entire setup. I don’t want to read a novel or sift through a lot of zoomed-in pictures of individual elements – at least not before I like the “main” picture. Instagram has great high-quality pictures and the galleries are great to get ideas for your own dream setup.

However, I cannot stress enough that I only recommend Instagram for inspiration and tuning in on your style. Many of the “instaworthy” setups are more showroom than productive, and probably also have sponsored products, which makes the setups both impractical and very expensive for “normal” people. Please just keep that in mind.

The best places to find desk setup inspiration

These are the best Instagram accounts to follow for desk setup inspiration ranked by number of followers. I have included their bio descriptions in quotations and indicated which style they’re mostly oriented towards. The images are screenshots of the first 6 posts in each account, either depicting what the creator has deliberately pinned or the most recent posts. Either way, I think they are representative of what you can expect from following an account.

Some of them have a lot of overlapping setups, so you should consider if you want to follow all 30 accounts or just a select few. Please also keep in mind that number of followers doesn’t necessarily equal the most frequent updates or better quality – the accounts may just have been longer in the game.

If you use Instagram for other things, I recommend that you make a separate account, as your feed will be heavily setup-focused if you choose to follow all accounts.


“Workspaces, items, and tools from the creator community.”

650K followers, 5236 posts, workspace style.

The Dream Setup

Daily desk setup inspiration.”

408K followers, 3844 posts, workspace style.

Minimal Setups

“Workspace inspiration.”

333K followers, 3117 posts, workspace style.

Killer Gaming Setups

“PC Builder and Gamer.”

255K followers, 1521 posts, gaming style.


“Welcome to setupic, #1 desk setup page.”

186K followers, 1487 posts, workspace style.

Best Dream Setup

“Black and White setup collection.”

180K followers, 349 posts, workspace style.

Calm Setups

“Aesthetic desk setups, room setups and tech essentials inspiration.”

134K followers, 1319 posts, workspace style.

Minimal Desk Setups

“Curating the best desk setups.”

123K followers, 1278 posts, workspace style.

Chill Setup

“Daily post. Follow for chill setups.”

106K followers, 1319 posts, workspace style.

Clean Minimalism

“Setup and interior design inspiration.”

74K followers, 2313 posts, workspace style.

Clean PC Setup

“World‘s Best Setups.”

71.5K followers, 476 posts, gaming style.

The Setup Addict

“Designed to inspire.”

64.8K followers, 1420 posts, workspace and gaming style.

Clean Desk Space

“Best Setups On Instagram.”

63.7K followers, 411 posts, workspace style.

Clean Desks Setups

“Daily post. Follow for clean setups.”

62K followers, 139 posts, workspace style.

Best Mac Setups

“ Setups • Inspiration.”

57.4K followers, 1416 posts, Mac style.

Our Desk Setup

“Daily Dose Of Setup Inspiration.”

54.2K followers, 353 posts, workspace style.

Best Gaming Setupz

“Awesome Gaming Setups.”

53.9K followers, 3407 posts, gaming style.

Clean Desk Setup

“Home Office Inspiration.”

51,3K followers, 748 posts, workspace style.

Setup Create

“The Instagram Workspace Authority.

48.2K followers, 937 posts, workspace style.


“Daily Setup Inspiration.”

44.9K followers, 194 posts, workspace style.

Mood Setups

“Daily Productivity & Tech Setups.”

42.9K followers, 297 posts, workspace style.

Setups Club

“#1 Community of setup enthusiasts.”

42.1K followers, 326 posts, workspace style.

The Setup Today

“Follow for Workspaces and Setups.”

41.9K followers, 1488 posts, workspace style.

Daily Workspaces

“Daily Inspiration Setups.”

36.5K followers, 728 posts, workspace and gaming style.

Sharp Desk Setups

“Sharp and Clean Desk Setups.”

35.7K followers, 776 posts, workspace style.

The Lite Setup

“We Love Coding And Coffee ☕.”

35K followers, 265 posts, workspace style.

High Level Setups

“Daily setup inspiration.”

31.9K followers, 1911 posts, workspace style.

Setup Goons

“Setup Goons.”

29.9K followers, 671 posts, workspace and gaming style.

Home Office

“Collection of beautiful home office setups and more.

23K followers, 297 posts, workspace style.

King of Setupz

“Productive workspaces.”

20.8K followers, 586 posts, workspace style.

Grape Setups

“Top Gaming Setups Daily.”

9.6K followers, 211 posts, gaming style.

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