Where to Play Diablo 4: PC vs Console?

diablo 4

Diablo 4 is here, which raises the question. Should you play Diablo 4 on PC or console? The answer is actually pretty straightforward and depends more on your couch than any technical specification.

Are you casual or competitive?

Having bought the PC version myself, I realized that I am in fact casual. Therefore, I applied for a refund, got the console version, and never looked back. If you already bought the game and changed your mind to a different version, you may still be eligible for a refund.

You can of course also buy both versions and switch around, in which case my points below still apply. Diablo 4 supports crossplay and your progress will also carry over.

PC is for the competitive gamer

… who wants marginally better control, social interaction, and enthusiast-level graphics (if you have the machine)

pro gaming setup

You should buy or play on PC if you want:

  • Marginally better control

    Mouse and keyboard is marginally better to control your gameplay and for navigating menus. If you are really competitive, mouse precision will give you an edge. On some classes, more than others, but not nearly as much as a real FPS game.

  • Better options for social interactions

    You will have way easier text-chat and access to Discord and other 3rd party options for communicating with your friends.

  • Slightly cheaper price in some regions

    In some regions, the PC version is slightly cheaper.

  • High-end graphics and performance

    If you have a beast of a gaming machine, you will be able to utilize better graphics and performance than consoles – but only IF.

Console is for the casual gamer

who wants to lean back, immerse in the gameplay and possibly play some couch co-op with a friend

console gaming

You should buy or play on console if you want:

  • More natural control

    Despite originally being designed around a mouse, clicking every time you have to move feels awkward. Controller, on the other hand, actually feels way more natural to play with than mouse and keyboard.

  • An immersive experience

    It is much easier to immersive in the game when you lean back on the couch with a big TV and possibly your surround speakers. This is the optimal way to experience the beautiful cinematics and cutscenes.

  • Comfortable sitting

    Leaning back on the couch with your legs up, a drink, some snacks and a controller in your lap is just way more comfortable than sitting at your desk. Possibly in the same position as you have already been all day at work.

  • Couch co-op exclusive

    Couch co-op actually works great and is exclusive to consoles. Moreover, Diablo is generally just a great game for couch co-op, which is, unfortunately, a scarcity these days.

  • Guaranteed performance

    The graphics and performance is great out of the box. As opposed to the PC, you don’t have to fiddle with the settings, remember to upgrade your drivers or generally troubleshoot if it doesn’t run smoothly. All is taken care of on console.

I hope this made your decision easier. In general, I don’t think Diablo as a genre lends itself well to competitive gaming, so I would personally get the console version any day. It runs smoothly on both Xbox X and PS5. And yes, the game itself is great!

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